Your Success is Our Success

We spend time to get to know our clients and their businesses intimately so we can advise and take appropriate action. We're in it for the long-run.


Free Consultations

We like to meet clients face-to-face and start the conversation from there.  With your best interests in mind, we know that  communication is pivotal. To get the best result, we need to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.


Follow Up

You're busy. You shouldn't have to chase your Accountant when year-end is approaching. We keep track of our client's progress and check-in periodically to ensure things are on track to help you avoid penalties and manage your tax and compliance obligations.


Time Efficiency

Your time is valuable. Our goal is to be efficient with your accounting but also ensure that you understand your financials, tax position and obligations to CRA so there are no surprises. The better informed you are, the more prepared and better off you will be.

We will ensure that you are well informed about your tax position and obligations to CRA so there are no major surprises.

How We Help

Personal Income Taxes

Personal & Small Business Taxes

Whether your personal tax situation is tied to owning a business or you have several assets to manage and income from various sources, we can help you plan and ensure compliance, so there are no surprises.

We will represent you with CRA upon request, so you don’t have to.


Corporate Financials, Taxes & Planning

As a business grows, things get more complicated. The team gets bigger, client lists grow, transactions are harder to track. All of which leads to higher compliance.

We want to help keep your staff, suppliers and clients happy, be profitable, compliant and know what to expect when tax time rolls around.


Other Accounting Needs

Whatever your needs are, it starts with a conversation. Experience has shown us that so much can come out of a conversation including questions or issues that you didn't know that you had.

Book a free consultation so we can clarify your needs.